People in your life will come and go ;

Life would be a damaged roller coaster which would be extremely slow ;

With every hurt and pain you enroll;

You will have to grow !

Thoughts would be changed ;

You would be left flabbergasted ;

Life wouldn’t be bed of roses ;

Rather it would be a combination of petals , thorns and bushes !

It depends on you how you take the situations ;

How you turn the worst into best for yourself according to your convictions ;

Just keep faith in God and do whatever your heart says ;

One day you will make your parents , family and everyone else important to you slay !

Be proud on who you are and don’t believe everything that someone says ;

Don’t change but try to be afar from yesterday ;

Your personality will define who you are ;

If you are desiring success then buckle up buddy cauz the destination is still way too far !

Judgemental people

Nobody gave you the right to judge ;

Stop your ego from getting bulge ;

You were not the one in their situation ;

So stop fucking giving judgements according to your conviction !

You haven’t been through their sorrows and happiness;

Then who the hell are you to give them your opinions ;

They never asked you to borrow their pain ;

So stop being judgemental in vain !

They never asked you to change ;

So come on , give them their time and space ;

Maybe you don’t know why the hell they are the way they are ;

Not every story is as happy as yours was !

Congratulations for being perfect to you ;

But sorry normal people have imperfections and they don’t deserve to be judged by you ;

Maybe you think it’s cool to judge ;

But due to that , there are eyes which are swollen and smudged !

Stop being the creepy you ;

And just once in your life try to have a different point of view ;

You will get to know the best out of the person ;

And maybe that person’s personal story will become your inspiration !

Smile for a new life

Days aren’t going good;

None of the things are going according to your mood ;

I know you feel like shit ;

But the truth is that’s not it !

I know last month was hectic ;

I know last year you were broke;

But don’t you dare give up ;

Cauz there is still hope !

I know happiness doesn’t stick up with you;

But one day you will get through ;

Happy times doesn’t last long and sorrows too ;

Still there is time for you to choose among these two !

I know there is dark everywhere ;

But tomorrow again the sun will be there ;

To give you a console ;

Here I put my heart as whole !

Promise me you will try to mend yourself ;

Get a hold , and just go through this hell ;

Time will pass by , you will be doing great ;

And that time will come again when you can be your usual self !

Learn from past ;

Don’t repeat the mistake ;

But in this mending process ;

Try not to hurt somebody else !

Here is the end of this rhyme ;

And make sure to take your time ;

Heal and come back with a smile ;

Life would be waiting for you with a new bike !

Success is not far away

Keep going until you reach;

Not you , but your footprints will teach ;

Lessons gained will not be vained;

success will always be chased !

Prints on your palms will show your luck ;

and certificates on walls will show your knowledge gained;

Silence will be answer to many questions ;

success will leave people dumbfounded !

One day you will reach your destination ;

hold on , don’t give up , you gotta have to have patience ;

Smile on face will bring happiness;

your hard work will pay off as your success !

Dreams will come true;

future will be bright ;

Problems will be solved ;

don’t give up champ , just hold on tight !

If not for yourself , then hold on for your parents ;

give them chance to brag about you in front of some inpatients ;

Just keep calm and shine like sun’s rays;

keep faith buddy , your success story is not too far away !